Katelynn Noel Knick is an artist living and working in Oklahoma City. Originally from Tulsa, Katelynn received her BFA from the University of Oklahoma, where she studied painting and sculpture. She has exhibited regionally at AHHA Tulsa,  MAINSITE Contemporary Art, Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art, and the CASP 5&J Gallery in Lubbock, Texas. Her work has been featured in Art Focus magazine, Oklahoma Gazette, and The Coastal Post. Katelynn is also an active arts organizer. She co-founded the emerging artist collective Art Group and has curated various pop-up shows in houses, alternative art galleries, and non-traditional venues.


artist statement 

I use playful color combinations and the movement of layering various marks and shapes to create an imagined space that is subtle, yet confrontational and inviting. Ambiguous clusters of marks and colors, thin lines that draw lingering connections, and lumpy overlapping forms all collectively create associations, sensations, and experiences that vary, offering a unique, connection to be formed.

Recently I’ve been using drawings and paintings as maps, to then create objects and installations with the purpose of expanding the experience of abstract painting and creating an environment that can be physically explored. This area of my work allows me to experiment with materials and use the space around me as a site specific, temporary canvas.


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