BLOOM AND GROW at Myriad Botanical Gardens

BLOOM AND GROW is a solo exhibition of works by Katelynn Noel Knick at the Myriad Botanical Gardens. This exhibition features over 20 large scale works exploring color, movement, and space as a way of sharing her personal narrative of memory, feelings, and storytelling.

Artist Statement:
The title “bloom and grow” refers to the folk song Edelweiss celebrating the Austrian flower. I spent a lot of my youth attending a Girl Scout summer camp in western Oklahoma. Singing was a tradition after every meal on the back porch of the dining hall and every week at our closing campfire ceremony. I remember singing this song and feeling like it was a lullaby to nature, an ode to growth, and a warm welcome to a familiar friend.

PRESS: The Oklahoman, “What to do in Oklahoma…”

EXHIBITION: May 31 - July 15 2019